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The BEP Center For Excellence (BEP-CE) is the Bureau of Engraving and Printing's office for providing quality training for employees.

The BEP-CE is responsible for providing BEP employees with assistance in all their training and development needs, whether they are professional or organizational. BEP-CE was formed in response to advancing technology and the need to prepare employees for such changes, and to make them aware of skills they may be underutilizing.

BEP-CE will make a concentrated effort toward improving the basic skills of the employees in the jobs most affected by changes in technology.
BEP-CE is dedicated to providing an array of different training vehicles to BEP employees such as computer-based, self-paced, video, as well as some other traditional training methods.
BEP-CE's goal is that these varied learning opportunities will enrich employees' careers and promote organizational excellence.
Mission: The Center for Excellence enables achievement of individual excellence and organizational high performance by creating continuous learning and development opportunities for all BEP employees.
Vision: The Center for Excellence will bring continuous educational opportunities to the world's premier securities printer.
Goals: Add to the productivity of the BEP through individual improvement.

  • Leadership and Management
  • Technical Excellence
  • Business Excellence