Graphic of the BEP Seal

Bureau of Engraving and Printing
U.S. Department of the Treasury

Pictured below: Currency exhibit display panels at Western Currency Facility in Fort Worth, TX.
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BEP Directors 
To date there have been 24 leaders of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.  They were originally designated as “chief”.  This title arose while the BEP was still a subdivision of Treasury operations and lasted into the 1890s, long after the BEP became an independent entity.  Thereafter, heads of the BEP were known as “directors.”  A number of the early chiefs and directors were political appointees, but most came from a background in Government service with some rising from the ranks of the BEP production floor.  Click on a portrait below to view a short biography of a past BEP leader.
Spencer M. Clark
Edward McPherson
Edward O. Graves
Thomas J. Sullivan
Louis A. Hill
Henry J. Holtzclaw
Harry R. Clements
Larry E. Rolufs
George B. McCartee
O. H. Irish
William M. Meredith
Joseph E. Ralph
Major Wallace W. Kirby
James A. Conlon
Robert J. Leuver
Thomas A. Ferguson
Henry C. Jewell
Truman N. Burrill
Claude M. Johnson
James L. Wilmeth
Alvin W. Hall
Seymour Berry
Peter H. Daly
Larry R. Felix