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Pictured below: Currency exhibit display panels at Western Currency Facility in Fort Worth, TX.
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Office of the Director 
Larry R. Felix - BEP Director
Larry R. Felix

Larry R. Felix was named as the director of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) on January 11, 2006. As director, Felix is responsible for the overall operations of the BEP in the production of U.S. currency and other government secured documents.


Mr. Felix first joined the BEP in 1993, and worked in a variety of leadership positions. He also chaired the Inter-agency Currency Design (ICD) taskforce, a group responsible for recommending technical enhancements to U.S. currency design. Prior to his appointment as director, Mr. Felix served as the BEP’s Deputy Director.


Under Mr. Felix’s leadership, the BEP completed the design of the next generation (NXG) of currency series including the NXG $100 note, which was put into circulation on October 8, 2013. The NXG $100 note is the most complex note of any United States currency series to date.


Mr. Felix is presently leading the effort to design and produce accessible currency with a raised, tactile feature for individuals that are blind and visually impaired. In 2011, the BEP developed a free, downloadable mobile application, EyeNote™, to denominate U.S. currency. Beginning in January, currency reader devices will be given to eligible blind and visually impaired individuals.


Because currency designs are becoming more technologically complex, Mr. Felix is implementing a massive retooling/retrofitting operation to transition the organization into a 21st century manufacturing plant. The multi-year retooling plan for both BEP facilities ensures the continuity of operations of essential function in the event of an emergency, while supporting future currency redesigns to deter counterfeiting.


Mr. Felix is also leading the organization in a massive update of its quality management system. The organization is making fundamental systemic changes to aggressively realize improvement in its quality system to ensure that products consistently meet or exceed quality standards in a sustainable, customer focused, and cost efficient manner. Under Mr. Felix’s leadership, the organization has made significant employee viewpoint score strides in leadership, accountability, recognition, and communications.


Mr. Felix holds degrees from the New York City College of Technology and the City College at the City University of New York. He did doctoral work in Political Economy at Columbia University.


Born in Port of Spain, he grew up in New York City. Mr. Felix and his wife reside in Virginia. They have two daughters.